Medicare Supplements (Medigap Plans)

Medicare Supplements are a privately offered insurance policy that covers the gaps, also known as Medigap Plans, not paid for by the original Medicare. A Medicare Supplement plan typically pays directly to the healthcare provider. And in return, you pay a premium to the Insurance Company.
Medicare Supplements are standardized and regulated by both Federal and State Laws. To be eligible for the various available Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans, you must be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A & B. A Medicare beneficiary cannot have a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement at the same time.
Medicare Supplements are remarkably flexible and allow consumers to use any physician who both accepts Medicare and new patients. Premiums vary and are based on both the Insurance company and the specific plan you select.
If you have questions, schedule 15 minutes on my calendar to find out if a Medicare Supplement is right for you!
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