Are You Turning 65 and Need to Choose a Plan?

Welcome! If you’re seeking clarity as you approach Medicare, you’re in the right place.
Getting ready for Medicare can mean a flurry of brochures filling your mailbox, each offering an array of plans. But sometimes, the more you read, the more complicated things can become.

You may have questions such as:

I help people shop and compare plans based on their needs. As an independent agent, I am not tied to any single insurance carrier. My mission is simple:
Even better, my services as a Medicare Insurance Broker, are complimentary. I am paid by the insurance companies directly, so whether we enroll you or you go direct to the carrier, the plan’s cost remains EXACTLY THE SAME. This means you’re tapping into the expertise of an insurance specialist who collaborates with many different carriers – while remaining independent and objective. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Before you dive in, let’s navigate your Medicare Coverage. Feel free to explore my website and/or schedule 15-minute chat on my calendar. I’ll do my best to unravel the Medicare mystery.
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